On Spaceship Earth We are all Crew
On Spaceship Earth We are all Crew

We are all crew

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Happy Thoughtful Thursday and Earth Day! ☺️ I love this quote by Marshall McLuhan because it’s so true. We are all crew riding this rock hurtling through space on its 365 day trip around the sun.

As members of the crew on Spaceship Earth, we all have to do our part to keep this ship in working order. On this Earth Day, let us all endeavor to pitch in and do our part to take care of our spaceship! If you haven’t already, check out my post on 5 Easy Ways to Conserve.

The Man Who Envisioned the Internet

In case you don’t know who McLuhan  (b. 1911-d. 1980) was, he was a Canadian visionary futurist, professor, author, and a theoretical powerhouse in the media industry during the 1960s and 70s. He coined the phrases, “the medium is the message,” “hot and cool media,” and “global village”–his vision of a future world first written about in his book “The Gutenberg Galaxy” about the printing revolution. McLuhan envisioned a future where a technological leap invokes a revolution in communication. Electronic information traveling across the globe would make the world seem smaller. He explained that this smaller world would blur the lines of society, as the printing press did in the 1400s. All of this he predicted well before the World Wide Web was a thing. He also co-wrote the Oscar-winning movie “Annie Hall”!

Those of us who work in or regularly use digital media have a lot to thank him for. We now live in the world he imagined back in 1962. You can learn more about McLuhan on his estate’s website and even listen to some of his audio recordings for free.

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PHOTO CREDIT: NASA image by Reto Stöckli, based on data from NASA and NOAA. Instrument: Terra – MODIS, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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