The best thing to do now is to do the very best you can
The best thing to do now is to do the very best you can

The best we can do

Happy Thoughtful Thursday! Sometimes the best we can do has to be good enough.

I’ve been sick for about two weeks now–a not-so-gentle reminder that the pandemic is not over.  There’s been more than one person in our bustling office that has tested positive.

I’m vaccinated and my Covid test was negative, but my symptoms are exactly in line with the Delta variant and how it’s been reported to affect those of us who are vaxxed.

I’m sick but not hospitalization level. I’m so tired that sometimes it’s all I can do to get through the days. So, I wear my mask and I just keep pushing along and do exactly what I need to do to get through. I’m sleeping as much as I possibly can. And you know what? That’s OK.

Sleepy Boo from Despicable Me.
Me right now

Do your very best

Sometimes the best that we can do at the time has to be good enough and the people in our lives need to be compassionate enough to know that we are trying our best. If people around you or pressuring you to do more than you’re capable of doing, you need different people.

I feel very fortunate that I have supportive friends, family, and work colleagues. They accept that this is just a blip in time and I’ll be back to normal–maybe not tomorrow, maybe not two days from now, but in a week or so life will be better.

I hope you’re as fortunate as I am and you have the support you need during difficult times like this. If you’re going through a similar thing and have people in your life who are pressuring you to be social or do things you just don’t have the energy to do right now then just remember–you’re doing your best. They will just need to accept that.

I’ll be back to normal soon… publishing on my blog, Instagramming pictures of General Kenobi, being my usual cheerful self. Everything will be fine, but just getting through the days is the best I can do…for now.

I hope you have an amazing Thursday!

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