Support Your Squad
Support Your Squad

Support Your Squad

Happy last Thoughtful Thursday of March! ☺️ I want to discuss how important it is to support your squad.

We all need some support from time to time. Support those who support you. Your squad–those closest to you who have your best interest at heart and love you–need your support too. 

Support isn’t just about being there for someone in the hard times. It’s about supporting people in the good times too. I hope you have a squad that celebrates your wins equally as much as they prop you up in your difficult moments. 

I felt very supported by my squad this week. I’ve had some highs and lows lately (as we all tend to do) but yesterday was definitely a high. My work team made magic happen by getting a new homepage out to the users in less than three months: something we never could have done without using Agile practices. I am so proud to be their leader. My squad celebrated my team’s win along with me and I am so grateful for them. 

Conversely, some of my squad experienced some challenges and I support them as an empathetic ear and giving them a person to go to help work things out. In other words, I held up the moon for them briefly, just like the image. Please help by holding up the moon for your squad! Be the light that shines in the lives of those you love. I hope that you have an amazing weekend and get to do something you love!

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Be the light that shines in the lives of those you love.

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