Nurture Your Joy
Nurture Your Joy

Nurture Your Joy

Happy Thoughtful Thursday! ☺️ This week, let’s talk about why it’s important to nurture your joy.

I love speaking with other creative people and sharing my joy about my passion projects. All too often I hear from them, “You know, I used to create more. I really miss doing that.”

Every time I hear that it breaks my heart. My favorite part in these conversations is when they say, “You’ve inspired me! I’m going to start creating more.” Inspiring others brings me great joy. 🤩

We get so involved in our day-to-day routine and the hustle and bustle of life, that we forget to take care of that part of ourselves that feeds our happiness. We need to remember that our happiness is fed through the joy we find in doing the things we love. 

I can get lost for hours drawing, painting, writing, even just researching subjects that I adore. Most of all, I NEED to do that on the regular. It keeps me balanced. 

If I don’t feed my joy I get grumpy and perhaps a bit whiny. No one wants that, least of all me. Just having a creative outlet, even in times of great stress, can help offset that badness with good old-fashioned creative goodness.

I prefer to nurture my joy which feeds my happiness. I hope that if you’ve lost that part of yourself you find your way back to nurturing your joy once again. Maybe your joy will inspire others’ joy and we can all pay it forward.

Share in the comments what brings you joy!

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