Happy National Intern Day
Happy National Intern Day

National Intern Day 2021

Happy Thoughtful Thursday and National Intern Day! 

Today, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone that worked to make a difference in the lives of a high school or college student this summer by providing them on-the-job experience through an Internship program.

It’s incredibly important for college students especially to try out things in the business world to see if they are a fit for their future. I hope that the students that participated in a program this summer learned one way or the other if they were on the right path. 

I’m proud to have participated in Internship programs here in the Las Vegas Valley. My engineering team was happy to host a University Nevada Las Vegas student this year. I’m also glad he’s made the choice to continue to work with my team part-time while finishing his degree. You are officially one of us, Mateusz! Welcome to the squad!

Thank you to Credit One Bank for sponsoring so many hard-working college students and especially to Noelle Garcia for her hard work on the Internship program this year. 

So, have a great National Intern Day! I hope I can continue to contribute to the growth of students again in the future!

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