Live Your Truth
Live Your Truth

Live Your Truth

Happy Thoughtful Thursday! Lately I’ve been thinking about how to live your truth.

It’s not as easy as it may seem. We find it hard to accept those things about ourselves that are uncomfortable or embarrassing. We also find it hard at times to take action when we find ourselves in a not-so-ideal situation.

I’m not a Weeble, sadly

I’m what my German ancestors would call a klutz. Undoubtedly, I am not a Weeble; I fall down lots. I am like an uncoordinated house cat that keeps trying to jump down from a high spot and keeps splatting like a spider on roller skates. my house has stairs in, some of which are pretty tall and covered in tile. Combine that with my penchant for falling and tripping and you have a recipe for ouch.

If you don’t know what Weeble is, here you go. Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down, because they are shaped like an egg.

I fell twice up those stairs last week because I was hurrying and not paying attention. I get it–I’m never going to be graceful. You won’t see me in any dance competitions, doing Parkour, or do any of the super cool things in real life that my gaming characters do. I just have to accept it. I’m working on it. Nothing is urgent it’s worth busting up my knees for, any more than they already are that is.

On the flip side

I struggled for a long time with Imposter Syndrome when it came to my creative side. As soon as I began to live my truth–that I am an artist and I am happiest when I am creating–life became so much…more. I am happier and more fulfilled. I have found even more fulfillment in helping others express their creativity.

Once you accept and own it…the magic happens. I found my thing and it’s truly magical. The best thing is, it was always my thing. I just OWN it now. Do I have moments when those imposter thoughts creep in? Sure thing. I just go make something cool and tell that voice to shut the hell up because I’m making something awesome.

Taylor Swift Magic GIF by moodman - Find & Share on GIPHY
Spreading magic and glitter like T Swift…no time for that Imposter Syndrome today or any day

Live your truth and spread joy

I encourage you that if there is something in your life that is not your truth that you re-examine things. If you have the power to change your life for the better, then you own it to yourself to do so. Change can be uncomfortable, but it’s worth it. Make your happiness a priority. If something makes you happy and doesn’t cause harm to others or yourself, why WOULDN’T you do it? In fact, the things that bring you joy likely will bring joy to others by default. If you can improve someone else’s life, you should do that too.

I hope that you can recognize what your truth is and how to live it. It won’t happen overnight. We’re all working on ourselves. If we can help each other out then all the better!

I hope you have an awesome Thursday and live your truth!

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