General Kenobi's Adoptiversary
General Kenobi's Adoptiversary
General Kenobi then and now

Kenobi’s First Adoptiversary

Happy Adoptiversary to my General Kenobi! On Memorial Day weekend last year, we were at the height of the pandemic.  Now that I owned my own house, I was able to provide a loving home for another cat. I made an appointment with Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions at their Flamingo location here in Las Vegas to adopt the next member of our family. I adopted both Lindsey and Gandalf from Homeward Bound back in the “before times” when you could go to Petsmart to meet the kitties.

I really didn’t have any intention of adopting a young kitten. I originally went to see a different cat–a young adult cat. In the end, I didn’t think that cat would be a good fit with Gandalf because he was an anxious fella. Gandalf needed someone to teach him how to cat not someone equally as anxious.

I was looking at some of the other cats when I heard someone say they were there to see Kenobi. My ears perked up immediately! I had no idea there was a cat there with such a nerdy name at the time. I waited with bated breath as they met him and they decided he was too much of a kitten. Apparently, he was quite playful and running around…typical kitten behavior. Perfect for teaching my ferals how to cat! So I asked if I could meet Kenobi. The volunteer at the rescue said, “Sure!”

Baby Kenobi on adoption day
Look at that face! I was instantly in love.

When we first saw each other…

It was love at first sight for both of us! He reminded me so much of my Sable who had passed away 5 years before. There were instant cuddles and purrs and I was hooked. I brought this tiny weirdo home and he instantly wanted to meet the other cats.

Alexandria and Baby Kenobi having cuddles and purrs selfie time
Baby Kenobi cuddles and purrs!

Soon he discovered the cat tree in my kitchen that I bought for Lindsey and Gandalf, that they barely use, and he’s been a fan of it ever since.

We both needed each other during a difficult time–him a Covid-baby, me alone at home. I love Lindsey and Gandalf but ferals are different than other cats. You can rarely walk up to them and give them a pet without them running. That instinct kept them alive on the streets and it’s hard for them to let it go. Lindsey likes to snuggle but only on her own terms and usually only in bed for some weird reason. Also, Gandalf is really Lindsey’s cat and I wanted a cat of my own. So, one year ago today, Kenobi and I found each other and he’s still teaching the other cats how cat life should be. 

I <3 my tiny weirdo

I’m super grateful to have him in my life. Adopting an animal is so rewarding. You save a life and you enrich your own. Sure he’s a not-so-tiny thief that doesn’t understand that all things are not food, but he’s so sweet. He loves to cuddle and get kisses. He’s so excited when I get home from work. He loves to “talk” to me, answering me with little chirps and squeaky meows. He loves gaming dice almost as much as I do.

Baby Kenobi taking a nap with my gaming dice
Baby Kenobi having a nap on my clickety-clackety math rocks and my lip balm

He makes me smile with his antics. He just tore through my office with a piece of bubble wrap, carrying it proudly in his mouth like a catch of the day. Never…a…dull…moment.

Adoptiversary Love

So on this, his first adoptiversary, I’m feeling equal amounts nostalgic for those early kitten days and grateful for his teenage-cat presence. I hope we get to celebrate many an adoptiversary in the future! I love him and he loves me. What more could you ask for?

General Kenobi relaxing
The General enjoys his cuddle time

Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions is having a special adoption event soon! Please follow them on Instagram and be on the lookout for more information about their event.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Memorial Day while Kenobi, Lindsey, Gandalf, and I celebrate becoming a family.

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