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Happy Thoughtful Thursday! ☺️ This week I want to share why it’s important to help others glow.

At Adobe Summit today, I learned some really great information that I can use in my work running a high-performing team of web engineers. The most important information I learned wasn’t about technology or software–it was about fireflies. 

Shawn Achor–New York Times Best Selling Author of “The Happiness Advantage“–gave a powerful presentation about sustaining positive change in your life. He said that happiness cannot be self-help. Success itself can’t make you happy simply because success is a moving target; you have to keep ramping up to reach the next level. Instead, you need to link with the right people to work together to raise your level of success. The best way to be successful is through collaboration, contagious happiness, gratitude, and optimism. Kind of like fireflies.

Not that kind of Firefly! via GIFER

What’s this about fireflies?

Fireflies that asynchronously shine on those lazy summer evenings, only have a 3% chance of finding a mate. However, fireflies that synchronize their shine and work together can increase their success of finding a mate by over 80%! Synchronization increased their success by more than 75%, which is pretty significant and definitely inspiring. Now we’re not all trying to find a mate, granted, but we are all wanted to be successful or at least be the best version of ourselves we can be.

So, let’s take a cue from the fireflies; we can all find success together if we encourage each other and help others glow. Exclusion of others doesn’t increase your chances of success. Collaboration and cultivating positivity through journaling positive experiences, taking time to breathe, and showing gratitude each day is the key!

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