Smart Vinyl

Smart Vinyl is a product made by Cricut as part of their Smart Materials line. It allows you to work with vinyl without a mat and is auto-loading allowing you to make continuous cuts.

Smart Vinyl only works with the Cricut Joy, Cricket Explore Air 3, and Cricut Maker 3 machines and Design Space software. Cricut Joy materials are 5.5″ wide and up to 20 ft in length.  Cricut Maker and Explore Air materials are 13″ wide and up to 12 feet in length. You must use a piece that is 4 inches or longer on the Joy or 6 inches or longer on the Maker or Explorer Air without a cutting mat. You can use smaller pieces with a mat.

Smart Vinyl is available in Permanent, Removable, Shimmer, Holographic, and Iron-On.

Visit Cricut’s website for instructions on how to use Smart Vinyl with the Maker and Explore Air 3 and the Joy machines.

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