Acceleration Not Limitation
Acceleration Not Limitation

Acceleration Not Limitation

Happy Thoughtful Thursday! ☺️ This week, we are focusing on acceleration not limitation!

We have all had those moments. You’re cruising along with your life goals full speed ahead and then some obstacle steps out in front of you to stop your progress. Boom!

It’s so tempting to give up. So, so tempting to let that voice in your head to win. The one that says, “See! I can’t do this! This is too hard!”

Don’t listen to that voice! The fact of the matter is, everything worth doing takes effort. Every new skill you learn, every new adventure you embark upon–none of it is going to be a cakewalk. And if it was you wouldn’t appreciate the accomplishment as much. It would feel hollow and so would you.

I’m reminded of the movie “Galaxy Quest” where Tommy is terrified to fly the actual ship but after some encouragement from Jason, he practices the movements that he created as a child. Soon his fear was behind him and he was all, “Pedal to the metal, Commander!”

- Pedal to the metal, Commander. - Pedal to the metal, Commander.

Put in the time and effort and you will reach your goal. But what happens if you don’t?  Let’s say you put in the effort but your goal is unattainable for some reason. It doesn’t matter! If you gave it your all, none of that time was wasted, because you learned something. You moved forward and it’s all about moving forward. Acceleration NOT limitation.

Never give up, never surrender! Accelerate and don’t let that voice limit your potential. Keep that pedal to the metal and you will reach the stars, my friends!

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