General Kenobi - QA Analyst

About Reclaimed Matter

Reclaimed Matter is a division of Vixen Vision Design and the creative outlet for maker and designer Alexandria Wagner. Alexandria combines her graphic design skills with a love for making pretty things to create art posters, home decor, and one-of-a-kind jewelry with a geeky but vintage vibe.

We sell Jewelry and Decor on Etsy, fabric designs on Spoonflower, and all our wares at comic and pop culture conventions and tradeshows under the umbrella of Vixen Vision Design. You may have seen our booth at a live event…when there’s not a pandemic happening, that is. We frequently partner with other artists and vendors such as Natalie and Morgan Carpenter from Apocalypse Too at Phoenix Comic Fest, Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, Great American Comic-Con, and more!

Vixen Vision Design Display - Phoenix, 2019
Vixen Vision Design Booth at Phoenix Comic Fest 2019

What is Reclaimed Matter all about?

Reclaimed Matter is doing just that: reclaiming matter. Reclaiming matter is the process of taking everyday objects and turning them into something new. Those of us who reclaim matter like breathing new life into things and the joy of the process of creating. We like to think we are making the world prettier one object at a time and what to inspire others to do the same. This can come in the form of repurposing things that would otherwise be tossed in the landfill or combining materials to make something new. Repurposing objects may just be an excuse to make pretty things but it’s not like makers need an excuse. We just like to make things! 😁

What can you expect to see here?

Expect posts about making, creating, geek culture, technology, motivational quotes, and a plethora of other awesome things. There will be tutorials and videos on making cool things, news about geeky events, and more. We hope there will be something for everyone.

There will likely be pictures of General Kenobi, our resident Quality Assurance Director.

General Kenobi - Egyptian Mau Cat
Cat tax! General Kenobi doing General Kenobi-type things.

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